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Tantã das Ideias elected among the
30 best cost-benefit branding agencies
in the world by Design Rush!
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Let's get a little
bit crazy

Like a well-guided samba, which you listen and understand each instrument, your brand communication can be played together, as if we were one, dancer and singer, client and agency.

One doesn't work well without the other.

In music, there are different kinds of communication.

Samba de roda (samba played in a circle), for example, has this format so that musicians can understand each other by looking at them.


But in the middle of the concert, when the energy is so high, it's time to communicate using the ears.


One of the instruments that plays the role of demandind a break or guiding the beat is tantã.  

When a drum fills occur, it's sign that something new

is coming, that some new idea will enter the picture.

And that's what communication should do: think about the new. Build  every day a stronger brand that is loved by the public, with history, sincerity, content, entertainment and relevance.

Communicating is flowing like music. And being tantã is freaking out with conscience.

Nice to meet you, we are tantã.


Right Message - Right Person - Right Time 
Strategic planning
and design:
brand building
and image
Campaign Creation
On and Off
Performance and Results

What our customers say

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Eduardo Mangione CEO

Tantã's creative work was fundamental for the repositioning of epharma and contributed to lightness through a modern language that helped us to achieve a greater connection and relevance with our target audiences. There were countless deliveries, always with a zeal for quality and respect for strategic branding codes and with a lot of collaboration in the creation of plans for institutional launches. I recommend you get to know Tantã and the team that Leonardo leads with so much passion, commitment and a high level of partnership.

Leadership Team

Tantã das Ideias is a big agency in a small format. All the professionals came from the major agencies in Brazil, forming a team that delivers the same technical and creative quality of a big agency but without those exorbitant amounts charged by them. 

With a shorter distance between the client and our team, processes flow better, creations are more assertive, reaching the right person at the right time, helping you to sell more. And that is an efficient strategic communication. 

Here are some Tantãs that will go crazy with you:  


Leonardo Mizrahi  ]


Creative Director, Copywriter and CEO, he has more than 15 years in advertising, working at the largest agencies in the country such as DPZ&T, Publicis, Multi, BETC Havas and Glória Brasil, creating for brands such as Coca-Cola Brasil, L'oréal Paris, Vivo , Yamaha, Petrobras, HBO and Fetranspor. He has training and specialization in Writing, Advertising Creation and Branding-Development of Brand and Image by Facha, Espm, Uva, UCSD San Diego California and also has training in Screenwriting and Film Direction by Academia Internacional de Cinema and Escola B_arco.


- Golden Lamp Brazilian Advertising Association

- Grand Prix Abril Publicity Award

- Gold April Advertising Award

- Best of Rio Advertising Award

- Shortlist FIAP Festival Iberoamericano de Propaganda

- 3 Columnist Trophies

- Sarau Brasil New Poets Award 2018

- IMdB Award 2019: Best Short Film
at the England/UK International Festival

- Nomination for Best Screenplay and Direction at the Festival

- International Short Films of Portugal

- Best Screenplay and Direction nomination
Manchester Festival - UK

- Selection of the Best Short Films Itaú Cultural 2020


[Raphael Laclau]


Head of Strategic Planning, he was the CEO of DPZ&T in Rio de Janeiro. Prior to that, he was the agency's General Director of Planning, being responsible for the accounts of Coca-Cola Brasil, BNDES, Fetranspor, Sesi, Petrobras and Vivo.
In addition to DPZ, he was Account Director at WMcCann and V&S. 
Graduated from Universidade Federal Fluminense, he also has a specialization in Advertising from Northeastern University - Boston.

With more than 30 years in advertising, he became a Tantã das Ideias, applying his skill and expertise in order to raise projects and build consistent brands.

[Renata Bastos]

Customer Service Director and Project Manager, she is also a content writer and producer. With more than 12 years of experience in Propaganda, she has worked at CAMPO, Soup, Fluxxo Comunicação and M2BR agencies, serving the accounts of Cinema Kinoplex, Escola de Samba Unidos da Tijuca, JW Marriott Hotel, SuperPrix Supermercados and Faculdade Estácio. In addition to carrying out projects for Icatu Seguros, Tijuca, JW Marriott Hotel, SuperPrix Supermercados and Faculdade Estácio. In addition to carrying out projects for Icatu Seguros, RIOgaleão and BRK Ambiental.

She has a degree in Advertising from FACHA, specialization in Communication Planning from Miami Ad School/ESPM and in Digital Marketing from Instituto Infnet. It became Tantã das Ideias, freaking out with the ideas that make our agency always seek a magic dust of creativity to create differentiated projects.


Let's talk?

Phone: (11) 96992-6921

Rua Princesa Leopoldina, 521 - Alto da Lapa, São Paulo

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